Any alternatives for Cloudinary?

I need other alternatives of cloud storage which provide direct sharable link like cloudinary.

Firebase storage could be a good option for you


Thank you sir but Firebase storage have even less Bandwidth than Cloudinary.Only 10 GB per month .My app uses 5GB bandwidth per day even when i use in single device for testing.

Let me see what I can do…:wink:

Well… you want to post link to media automatically or dynamically?
You aren’t clear enough on your post

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Then you go for self paid hosting which gives more bandwidth and some php scripts for using through api or url get method

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Hey why don’t you use Google Drive as a database.


I have web hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage but it is slower

Google drive doesn’t have direct link

what kind of files [ Image, Pdf, Video … etc ] you want to upload and get direct View/Download link?

Mostly .zip files with some images

What is the provider? :thinking:

I have used the iFastNet Ultimate Premium plan

It is “unlimited” for 7.99USD per month
It’s pretty fast

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You can choose any one from here.

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Give ‘uploadcare’ a try.

working on an extension for uploadcare


Adding on to what @vknow360 said, look here for pricing details and limits.


Hehe mine is 6.5 $ per year :smiley:

Thankyou sir but for now cloudinary still have 25 gb free bandwidth while uploadcare only have 1 gb

unlimited? You can post images and videos without worrying about space limit and how many access the video for example.

Question Noob, this is not for storing websites. Any unlimited for videos, images and files in general not too expensive and right linked?

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Use drop box
Daily 20gb bandwidth and it allows you to create direct link