Any Button Troubles

Hi everyone,
Im experiencing troubles with the “Any Button” feature.

My new game consists on guess the right ingredient of a cocktail and once the cocktail is completed you can go to the next level.
Every ingredient is a different button labelled with the own name, example Vodka is Vodka, Gin is Gin ecc…
I just finished to set the first button of Vodka and instead of doing the same for every single button-ingredient (they are 18), i tried to use the Any button feature.

I just can’t understand how it works, as the “component” variable gives me, once I touch a button, on a set label.text “[email protected]

In fact, every button should do the same action this block does, but i need to set the variables on “piece in text”,“thing in list” and “item in list”.
How can I get the component.text of the button to replace to the “Vodka” text?

Hope it’s clear! Thank you in advance!

blocks (7)


That Was Terrific!
Thank you very much indeed!

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