Any Click Event Backgroud Colour Not Changed

Kindly check my block and with video. Try to change background color when any card view click through Dynamic Components Extension but i failed. This block worked when i click first time in any button, but during the next button click, the previous click button color not change to default color.
Default Color - Green
Click Event Color- Orange
Please guide.

Your blocks are wrong you have to check bg color if is orange then change to green else set it to orange

A simple example


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Thanks for your reply. I already tried this method. Kindly check your video. When you click first button, background colour change blue to brown as per i need, when you click next button, background color also change, but previously click button colour not change to blue color.

So you want to change only once at a time ?

If possible try like this, whether working or not…

In more way you can achieve this , and this is one of the method… just use logic that’s all it needs…

Thanks. Its working now.

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