Any Html or java or javascript expert/programmer

Any Html or java or javascript expert/programmer

Need Help!

I am making an android application with kodular. for which I am using an payment API.
API is in HTML
I had implemented it in my application through php.

but I want to send data to that Website

But I am not able to get the variables or tags on which it posts and get data.

can anyone help me with data

this is the confusion point

please help

Is this related to Kodular? You yourself call it off-topic.

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yes ofc because I am just making an appliction with makeroid and just want same help in my javascript so that I may complete my application

You mean Kodular. If it is related to your app development why not just ask the question?

I think it can be off topic so i Put that in off topic

YES! I am doing that

Please don’t open another topic with the same question. That is not allowed. You should just tell here what api you are using and what help you need. And don’t use all capitals. That is like shouting and we don’t shout here.

I will list this for now so you can give more info. If you want to hire someone you should change the categore to marketplace request.

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You can use an XMLHttpRequest

XML HttpRequest (