Any kind of app navigation is not clear on how to do it

I’ve been searching the forum but I have not found any comprehenve information. I’m new at MIT creator/Kogular.

I’d like to do an app with few distinctive pages, not screens, as many say here you dont need them to show different pages.
As a navigation menu i find it difficult. I didnt find any clear way to add pages, or links whatever to the sidebar or bottom navigation.
I’ve noticed it is possible to do it with “View Flipper”, but i dont figure out how to place the different web viewers of each page as components in " Add Component To View".

Where to place different web viewers in the Flipper?, in blocks or in viewer?.
Should I place flipper and web viewers in same screen?. Please I need help.

The correct names are MIT App Inventor (not Creator) and Kodular (not Kogular).
You can create your own navigation bar with buttons and arrangements. Those buttons will turn visible or invisible the different arrangements that you will use as pages.

Thanks Italo. and Sorry, didnt pay attention to the name missup.
I understand that I can do it, but i dont see how.
I want to build an APP with different pages and a way to move from one to another.
Either with a “bottom nav bar”, "Flipper " or “side bar”.
An example or an already built app would be nice so I can see how it is done.

Thank you

By the way, modules/store and modules/extensions IDE are not accessible so i cannot have a look at the examples/apps.

This video explains the basics of what I said. I understand you wanted something more like a premade component that helps you switch in between views. I know there’s some of those in Kodular but I never used them because they are not fully customizable and I always find something that I don’t like and can’t be changed. So I can’t help much with those.

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Hello, thanks Italo.
Browsing internet I found this video, unfortunately for some people is in portuguees.
It explains practically very well. Thanks anyway.

Edit by Mod: If promoting YouTube Videos, then make sure they are in English.

Thanks for your help!

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Or NoT, the biggest flaw most Youtubers do is reopening same screen even tho they are already on that screen…

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So?, The way he explained it helped me to do it inmediatly without any errors or having to go over it again. It is perfectly explained BECAUSE it leads to success!!!.

Thank you all!!

The consequences of just opening screens and never closing them will lead to app crashes, you go ahead and use his method…

Good luck.

Like @Boban said, don’t open screens without closing the ones you are not going to go back to.
They remain in memory and when the memory needed to keep all those unused screen is greater than the memory available, your app crashes.

Ok, I understand now.
The video shows how to make the sidebar menu but not how to close screens once you have left. I will have a look on how to do this. I think that a kind of navigation is basic for an app. If you have any idea you’re wellcome!!!

Now I have changed Screens by Web-views, changing visibility. Thanks for pointing out.

Thanks again.