Any Label Click Using Dynamic Component Extension ( Not Works )

Hello Guys.
I am Working On this project from last 2 week

I have Tried Many ways to Fix the Issue But I Failed
At Last I am Creating this topic
Please Help Me Guys
Its Really Weird Error
Please Help Me

I Am Facing this issue in When Any Label Click Event
Any Label Click Works Only on two label but i have total 6 label

Please Help Me Guys , I am Really Tried My Level Best

Here Is the Block Image , What I am Trying :


May you provide me the blocks, to get a fast solution for your question.

Only Marked with circle 2 Label Work but Remaining Label Does Not Work

Please Help Thanks In Advance

Check the component ids again, and as your block you are using 2 Dynamic components why not using a single component.

Because I Have Created 2 loop Procedure with 2 Dynamic Component Extension

And using too many block you can use this also instead of yours, block below:-

check your set clickable property block, i think its not set to true for some labels

As you said , I have Done
But Still Not Works

Here What i have Made Changes

Show me your all relevant blocks.

Yaa I have Checked Many Times but its true on both sides Designer as well as Block

Here is the Procedure Block


This will never work unless the component id is equal what you compare to, go back to your previous code and lose the = true

Also see the above image, the first two will be true and it won’t go any further and thereby rest of the labels won’t work

Is this Correct ,



Do you mean Something Like This :

Thank You :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:
You Have Solved My Big Issue
Really You Are Legend :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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