Any recommended PDF viewer assets extension?

I want to create an E-Book app, where pages of book are uploaded PDFs’ pages from assets. I saw many topics and they were discussing ‘InApp PDF viewer’ from DeepHost, but all of them were using a method block called ‘PDF_Load_From_Assets’, which is no longer available in actual extension. Do you know any up-to-date easy to use PDF viewer extensions?

What you want? I mean whats wrong with pdf viewer extension?

In actual version, we have following options:

So one of the following is true:

  1. This version does not allow us to open PDF from assets since only option is giving it a file path. If this is the case, I am asking you if there is an working extension.

  2. I don’t know how to indicate my app’s assets as file path. If this is the case, please teach me how to do it.

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@Atakan_K If u want to load pdf from assets then just put filename…
Like abc.pdf

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OK, thanks, it does not show an error but we may still have some issues about it.

First, pdf is here:

Second, Screen looks like that, component below is Horizontal_Arrangement2:

Third, screen has only one block, which is this:

Finally, I exported apk and it ended up like this:

Is there a problem with my block, or should I use another component to somehow indicate where to show pdf on, or is it about extension?

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I don’t understand your point of view…?

I try to open a PDF file in the app I created. That PDF is uploaded to assets, so users will not be able to alter the path and only see the PDF I show them. Yet, as we can see in-app screenshot, my app does not show that PDF, and I simply don’t know how to make it.

Please help me, does anybody know any solution?