Any tips on how to execute this project?"

"I’m looking to create a project where the main goal is to gather information provided by the user.

The application will work as follows: each user will contribute with various information throughout the day, providing data for 2 text fields, and as a verification of authenticity, an image will be attached to each contribution entry, for example:

User 1:
Entry 01 (8:59 AM)
km: 3.8
time: 20 min
image of the route taken (usually an image related to any running app).

User 1:
Entry 02 (5:15 PM)
km: 6.9
time: 39 min
image of the route taken.

This is just an example; the focus of the app will not be this, but the concept is quite similar. The user will provide two pieces of data and an image to verify the information.

My question is, is there an efficient way to store this data? Considering that each user will contribute 10 to 25 times a day, which implies a considerable storage capacity.

I was thinking of using Google Drive in some way to store these images, with individual files for each user and, if possible, subfolders for the submission dates. I don’t need to keep the images for a long time, I believe around 3 months would be ideal.

I have an “infinite” Google Drive provided by my university, so if it’s possible to store this data on GDrive, it will greatly facilitate my process.