Any way to Clear RAM and Close other apps?

This is probably not possible, but i’ll ask anyway. Is there a way to clear ram and/or close all other apps?

You can try this

As the developer states that extension is for removing app from recents list and it does not kill apps.
@Nicolas should use shell.

There is block to close the app but it remains in the recent. With the extension you can remove it from the recent. I never used that’s the reason I suggested to try it. It may not work I don’t know

But to clear ram you need to close other apps as well which is termed as killing apps.

Ah, ok. I missed that part. No. You can’t do that. Not with kodular anyway

Shell can be tried though.

thanks for the reply, I dont understand how to use shell, how do I make the shell terminate other app processes?

I misunderstood it.
It’s not easy as it seems.
But still you can try running this command in shell:


It will list all of the running processes and their PID.
Then run this command:

kill <process id>