Any way to close a screen that was left open?

I’m trying to have music playing through all screens.

So I started the player on the home screen, and didn’t close the screen so that the music keeps playing.

Is there a way to close that screen from another ‘Settings’ screen in order to stop the music?

And also is there maybe a better way to go about adding music to multiple screens?


If you want to close the screen before opening the other. :point_down::point_down::point_down:


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I actually left in open on puspose to keep the ‘sound player’ playing music, while navigating on other screens.

But now I can’t find a way to close it, in order to create a mute button.

I think closing a screen from another screen is not possible. @Boban any solution?

I’m actually very curious about this. I mean background music in apps is very common.

Does that mean there is no way for multiple screen apps, to have continuous music playing while navigating on other screens in Kodular?.

what about only using one screen and arrangements to simulate different screens?
see also tip 1 here


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I’ve tried, but since my app is pretty code heavy, it didn’t run smooth. So I divided it into multiple screens, which solved the performance issue.

I have 5k blocks on one screen, and probably 80 arrangements. Performance is not an issue.

What kind of performance issues do you have?

It’s a quiz game, there is a 1 sec delay when the next question appears which is noticeable, probably caused from a high amount of arguments.

Are you downkoading your questions from Airtable or firebase?

Delays are not a bad thing if they are managed and presented well. What is your logic going from the start of oe question to the start of another? Second how did adding new screens help?

Ok, first I should have pointed out that on the first try I was using Thunkable, sorry if I caused any confusion.

There were 2 problems:

  1. I used a random interger to display the first question, which opened the first empty screen and then almost 1 sec after added the components.

2)Since it was a multiple choice quiz there 4 buttons and depending the answer 1 turned green and 1 red. So for every question, I created 4 scenarios using the ‘if’ arguments.
And when I added more questions the platform got really slow and the app also.

Do you think there was a more efficient way I should have used instead?

Were you using Thunkable X? If so, Thunkable X are not screens (even though they call them screens) they are arrangements.

Are you doing an if for each question? How many blocks do you have?

Yes, Thunkable X. After deleting and testing, I left 10 questions and there were about 1000 blocks.
Can you please explain to me how I could have made it efficiently by using arrangements?

(For this app I’m using Kodular btw.)


Well Thunkable X, screens is the way to go, because they are actually just a type of arrangement.

For Kodular, do it once, and reuse it where you can. Procedures are very handy to nest something you have to do over and over again.

Hard to give efficiency advice without seeing blocks.

When you say arrangements, do you mean creating invisible arrangements and then making them visible once needed, or do you change each individual component value?


You can put a bunch of components in an arrangement and then make it visibble or not, and it will then make all the nested objects not visible.

One of the things I do, I have “one button” that does many different things. It is just a trick on makig things visible or not.

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Ok, 1 last thing, how can I manage and present a delay?

I mean if I add a ‘loading display component’ won’t it also be affected by the delay?

You have to know what is causing the delay. Is it processing? Is it looping logic? Using the notifier component with status, and placing the dismiss in the right spot can help.

People dont mind reasonable delay if they are being communicated to about it. Don’t use Lotti’s for delays. They dont process well if the application is under load.

I’ll keep this in mind.

You’ve given me some good insights, thanks for the tips.

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