Any way to make a Microsoft Accounts extension?

It’s possible to make an Microsoft Accounts extension?

I think that would be a useful tool!

Are you asking for the extension or confirming whether you can make it?
If it is the first case, change your category to #marketplace,

Unless someone makes it for free

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hmm, I’m interested, can you explain more clearly what is the use of the extension you want

It’s like google & facebook login with Microsoft account.but why you need that? @DarkTom_Dj

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Something like the google account picker, but for MS

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But it won’t work in Kodular.
It only has google sign in for Kodular… Try to read what he wants…

well i barely know half line of java
so ill be learnig it
soo i cant

Yes, its similar, I need that for a login system that uses Microsoft Accounts! (For my organization)

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I want an extension that allow me to login/register with Microsoft Account, similar to google account picker! I want that because I need a login system in my app, and I need to integrate it with a web page that uses MS Accounts too.

okay i got it, first i have to try

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I’ve found that in firebase Auth you can use a Microsoft method to authentication, can someone do an extension that uses that?

Documentation that I’ve found: Autentica mediante Microsoft con JavaScript  |  Firebase

Well, thanks, you can do that with firebase auth, I think its easier, I found documentation here: Autentica mediante Microsoft con JavaScript  |  Firebase

are you sure you want the extension to be exactly same as google account picker

Yes, but if it’s easier for you, you can do that with email input & password input! Thanks

I’ve found that too: