Anyone Have Ideas?

I have run out of ideas for apps to do… Starting June 22, 2018 I will be registering 4 apps on the Play Store already. A Browser (Updated from my old), Painting App (Now I’m in the competition), Calculator, and a messanger :wink: :wink:. Anyway suggest some app ideas and I may do them :smiley:

A weather forecast app?


I will take your suggestion! Maybe you’ll see it soon…

A assistent app.
Where people can ask questions and get answer.
You can add fixed answers or add Google search for questions.
You can use APIs for that.


I think I’ll take that when there are background services :wink: Though I will still consider.

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I am doing your suggestion @Mika… I’m actually almost done with it when I only started just yesterday and it registers commands under voice :blush: How’s that? If it doesn’t recognize the command, you can type it in instead :grin::sweat_smile: I am working on implementing alot more features, than custom message :wink:

Hows the app going?

I’m restarting on the Assistant but and discarded others after noticing just all of the code and the design didnt follow what I wanted it to

Are the browser published? If yes, please give Play Store link!

Nope, I am completely restarting the browser as the Makeroid update broke it. It’ll be better though, however I’m working on the biggest project I’ve ever, so let me continue working, I need this out by August 13 as you know :wink:


Biggest project… Amplify store?

Idk, you’ll see when the biggest project is released August 13 or earlier :smirk:

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It’s Will Be Better Because If App Runs In Background Many Function Will Be Possible To Make Like Find Mobile App By Voice , Assistant App , Music Player App And Much More

I Hope @Mika And His Team Will Be Add This Function Soon As Possible, Now Users Needs Many More Function In KODULAR And I Think Some Functions Are Needless