Anyone know of other builder platform?

Can someone tell me is there any other builder platform where Kodular project can be imported?

It is practically impossible, each platform uses its components and identifiers, so on others they will not exist and will throw errors.


In other words, if kodular doesn’t solve this issue quickly, we will probably have to remake everything in other platforms. Losses can be great…


“It is practically impossible”

I CAN’T believe it’s true, since a AIA file has two text-formatted files (.bky and .scm) at "src\io\kodular<username><appname> that can be read to rewrite the blocks according the standard of other platform.

I’m not much of Java and other high level languages and I do not have the time, but I see is perfectly viable to write a converter.



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it’s better to remake everything in other platforms rather than wait for nothing

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Hi FElipe,

Can we import KODULAR project into that builder?

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there is a AndroidBuilder Convertor you can use but my experience with it hasn’t been successful. Maybe you ll have better luck.

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