Anyone Please Help me as Soon as Possible

Dear All!
I am creating a Application of PUBG Tournaments
Through this we can earn


I have a Problem
Everything is fine

I need to add Email and mobile number text box in signup bar
and email in sign in bar
If password Reset system is possible them it also with admin connection
Please Help me

I need to connect them all with my firebase database
So that
At Signup they are stored and on Signin they are authenticated from my fire base database and then the user is able to proceed

and also I need some error message to show when some one enter wrong details


In Signup
When someone write wrong Email Address and It must contain (.com and @)
and in Mobile Number Box When someone Write more or less then 11 character then it aso show some erorr

and In Signin All is Well But I added email Entering Text box So the email will also be configured from my firebase database and i it is not present in it so the error message will prompt .
if some one write wrong email address then also show wrong email

Please Help Me

Also I want to Connect all of those My admin App
so I can Change them from There

If Someone Can help
I am able to send any type of documents .

Aia file
firebase json

I think the best way to authenticate user is
Firebase Authentication…
There is a component named Firebase Authentication in Kodular…

I laughed too hard at this! :rofl: :joy:


There are extension available that can check it the email address is valid or
To Sign in and Sign up, Firebase Authentication component is best.

Its funny but can be understood with some common sense :crazy_face:


Yes I know I have Bad English

Thank You
I also Laugh on my English

Thank You!!!