Api 29 or something else? "unencrypted text traffic"

Hi, I’m trying to put a software in PlayStore and it gave me a whole series of stability errors. I used min Sdk, 5.0, 21 API. I thought it was some problem of an extension. At the end I created a test file where there is only a button and one canvas with some sprites, convinced that there was no problem. Instead the analysis of PlayStore gave me the following errors.

It also returned me an error in Security, compared to ClearTextTrafficPermitted, although I don’t have any reading and writing functions on the web. Do we have to wait for the new API or what does it depend on?

One request.
A request.
Is it possible to inherit in Screen Properties, the option of being able to develop software only for Tablet using Scrren Layout, small, normal large xlarge?


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An English translation of the error message would be helpful.

The Network Security Configuration feature of your app allows unencrypted text traffic for all domains. This could allow you to intercept the data sent by your app. If this data is sensitive or affects the identity of users, user privacy may be compromised.

You could only allow encrypted traffic by setting the cleartextTrafficPermitted flag to false or adding an encrypted policy for specific domains.