the min sdk given in the kodular app creator is high … is 19. after exporting and i install the apk , it shows parse error problem. it could not installed. so i request to the kodular commity to change the level. which min sdk should be 14 or 15 . so that all can install in their android phones

Before update it was 16 and now it is 19.
We go with the time and with Google.

So no we dont change it to lower.

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Then please what to do, apk is not installing on phones. Please tell us to overcome the problem. It is showing parse error package problem.

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If the min Api requirement is not fulfilled it will show that error.

With the Eagle release, Kodular has come up with some (great) new features (thanks Mika!) that require minSdkVersion = 19 (API 19). If you do not need / use these new features in your app (probably you don’t), you can try to declare the following in the Manifest again: minSdkVersion = 16.

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Then send me the steps to declare the API in 16

It means it’s time to upgrade your phone

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No, it means that minSdkVersion = 19 is required for the following:

That’s why I wrote that you probably do not need it (minSdkVersion=19), as most people are still unaware of this. So, if you do not use this, you can also declare minSdkVersion = 16.

@ joseph222It means it’s time to upgrade your phone
yes, of course, that’s always a good (but for you & your users costly) option :wink:


On May 7, 2019, during Google’s survey 96.2% of the active Android devices had beated minimum API level of 19. If you have a powerful device, maybe a manual upgrade is possible.

If your phone has no update you can install a Custom Rom:


Resurrection Remix

Paranoid ROM

Omni Rom

Dirty Unicorns

Bootleggers Rom

Or :kodular: KodularOS? :thinking::joy::joy: (Just kidding)

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Yes, but if the app is to be published to the Play Store, his users will not receive an update if they have a device using API <19 and do not know that there is an update.

only around 4% of all android devices use a version under API level 19 so there is no need on focusing on such a small audience

Android distribution data: (from May 2019)

Both from the same chart

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Yes, I’m aware of that, but it’s up to the developer to decide whether to include or exclude this small group. I’ve already received comments from my users that they were disappointed not to receive updates anymore.

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