API of Gofile *Help with HTTP Get and Post*

Yes :sweat_smile:
I finally use the terminal extension to use the curl command and the API. Thanks to you @Mohamed_Tamer @Rogerio_Rios!!

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How did you use it?


Hey, Even I am having same requirement,

So can you please share your Block.
Thanks in Advance

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One detail: I think this extension is not exclusive to CURL. Right ?

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Yes. It’s that extension:

by @juananton1991

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It is Linux command terminal …

Edit , right ? :wink:

Yes :+1:t3: :sweat_smile::joy:
Now it’s good jejeje

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the web component does not support multipart/form-data
good to know, that you got it running using the extension by @juananton1991


Why am I getting empty string?
blocks (38)

curl -F [email protected] -F [email protected] https://srv-file6.gofile.io/uploadFile

Your email , is This ?

No that’s not my email.
I tried with my email.
I changed it while posting because posting emails on the community is not allowed.

Can you give sample blocks on how to upload files?

Did You try ?

Full text is not visible in the post.
Please download and post blocks image here.

I sent you the full command before… Remember to put the path with , to put them with spaces. Here it is again

curl -F email=YOUREMAIL -F [email protected]“PATH-FILE” https://srv-file6.gofile.io/uploadFile

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@sonumohammad333 did You Solved ?

No, Still getting empty string.
Sample aia will be appreciated.

Here it is. It’s my test project. Go to the page “curl”.
PRUEBAS.aia (392,6 KB)