Api url get respond 401

I have a problem with dahua dvr api that there is a url doing procedure on dvr by putting it in any browser but when I using it with web component and put web,get it send me response 401 that mean unauthorized also the URL in browser doing well without any problems because the admin and password included in the URL
notice that I am controlling a local network dvr
URL : http://admin:[email protected]/cgi-bin/ptz.cgi?action=start&channel=1&code=GotoPreset&arg1=0& arg2=2&arg3=0

I need to know the right way doing this or blocks needed to doing this
I attached dahua http Api pdf may be useful
DAHUA_IPC_HTTP_API_V1.00x (1).pdf (434.9 KB)

Any one can help
I need to add button to do this api request

Read chapter 3.2 from your documentation and use basic authorization together with a bae64 encoded user password string

Here is an example