Api YouTube question

How do I add a search term to a link? https://youtube.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/search?maxResults=10&key=KEY
what would have turned out something like this. so that the search query is displayed in the link

I’m confused about the docs …
YouTube Data API Overview  |  Google Developers

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I think this extension helps you


not quite … thumbnails and video title are not displayed

Use Webviewer

And Then Run Javascript To Get The Data In Json Format

Btw What Data You Want ?

Try like this, once you got global response you could use dictionary blocks to get specific data

it can’t work like that. it was an example of what I want. I can’t figure out how to show the request in the link

If you wish post your aia to check it

since the aia contains my key, I sent the file to you in a private message

Here you go, problem solved via pm. Used image utilities to load images

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as the extension turned out to be useless, and no one could tell how to get the video ID. my question is still open. how to get video title and search query via api?
I ask how to get thumbnails of the video.
I also know the video id on the api

I don’t know how to get the name
I don’t know how to insert a search query in the api link

the topic is closed. I found a solution in api. I understood how to get the channel name, video description, thumbnail resolution, etc. through the api

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what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks of the solution?

The request looks like this. the blocks also contain a second api that downloads the video. therefore I do not post. prohibited here)



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