Apk Editor Problems needs solution

Kodular is awesome and yet the most powerful drag n drop app builder which is active right now. Kodular allowed us to create awesome apps. But apps made with kodular are hackable through a simple tool called Apk Editor we all know. There should be a way to protect all assets. If not atleast important assets like json files, Firebase database url, api key and all.
Recently I wanted to secure my app but couldn’t do it. Someone suggested obfuscated but didn’t work, It crashes. Apk editor shows all the information. So please @KodularCreator solve the issue and we love you.

I used Firebase auth on my app to use google signin and used realtime database if @walya_express could help :slight_smile: solving this.

What assets do you want to protect?

What did you try for obfuscation and what is the error.

APK’s are just a structured directory file.

I think you tried another way to do that, because this block doesn’t cause any crash.

Nope, All APKs can be hacked, edited, modified through tools.


I wanted to protect firebase url and token only. But didn’t work.

Can you show a way how to protect only firebase url and token?

You can use PHP for getting firebase url or something.
This is also hackable but a bit secure because anyone can not access your server.

@cian here is the block. I never used obfuscated block :stuck_out_tongue:

Do this. Name the variables something obscure

Okay :smiley: thank you so much! Can I do divide it to 3 or 4 times?

Do it as often as you want, but only call it when you need it.

Okay got it! Thank you <3

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HackProtect Extension is updated.

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Hi, I put obfuscated text block on every screen but now app won’t open :3

Here is the Blocks…

Main login Screen Blocks :

Home Screen Blocks :

Organize your blocks so you can see them all . You can right click and have them auto organized.

What do you mean by this?

Disable the screen initilize block and see what happens

What do you mean by this?

I meant when I open the app it closes itself.

YOu make it very hard to help you. You dont give enough information.

I asked you to organize your blocks, and to disable the screen initialize and see what happens.

With all due respect, I am not going to be able to help you if it is frustrating to get information out of you.

I am already on it, what you said.