APK editor studio equivalent for .aab file

I was trying to upload apk to google play. And I can see .aab is expected (ya I know the message they sent long time back that from august aab instead of .apk) So now I downloaded .aab from kodular.

previously i was using APK editor studio to add more assets to apk. Now with .aab what to do? Or how to add all my assets to .aab file?

Can someone guide me in details.

Unfortunately no solution till now. Try and see if it works for you

For me it didn’t

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thanks for reply

I have about 300 assets.
How to publish the app now?

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you can use winrar and go to base>assets> add your files here

this maybe works

I just made a test with 300 assets: does not work (upload), also not with AI2.
200 assets works.

Of course I used 7-Zip or WinRAR for that.


Here is a test aia (with 500 text files in the assets).
Try removing some assets and try to upload … to get the exact number of assets that are still accepted …
Have fun :wink:
manyAssets.aia (76.0 KB)

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As long as there is still no way to decompile an AAB, I only see this option:

You can download the files (assets) on the first run to the ASD, copy them to the privateDir and then remove them from the ASD. In this way, the files are still in the internal storage and cannot be accessed without a rooted device.

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I tried this task :grin: :grin: :grin:

I found that it compiled with 299 text files successfully as apk & aab.

manyAssets.aia (46.1 KB)

manyAssets.apk (5.3 MB)

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generate APK from AAB

Wait what, are you saying that now it’s not possible to upload aab with 300 assets…

No, it is not possible to import / upload an aia with 300 files in the assets into Kodular.
Apparently it is possible to import an aia with 299 files.

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Ahh in that case, I was able with the aia above, both to upload and build apk/aab…

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I am very lost.

I have 360 assets in my project which may slightly increase in future, but I will try not to.

So only way I can build this app is in Nitron? (and not kodular or app inventor?)

I can export my existing app there? Or need to create it from scratch.

Sorry I am so confused, sorry if asking not the correct question

As I said, here:

  • Zip the 300+ files in a zip file (e.g. assets.zip)
  • upload this to your server / Google Drive
  • download it to ASD (on the first run of the app)
  • unzip it there
  • copy the (300+) files to the privateDir and (after the copied event)
  • remove the files and assets.zip from the ASD.
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