APK Export don't work || Something went wrong!

Hello Dears!
A few hours before I could to export my apk well, but currently i can’t export.
I think this error probability be a server down.
If is yes, how many time stay server down.
Attached some visual references

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Please search the community first.

Same Here Facing This Issue.

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Show us the error message you are getting by clicking on “View log”

This is common when your package name is not in correct format.

It should be in com.yourname.appname in this format or just keep it blank.

If your package name is correct then try clearing cache of your browser, check internet, close your browser and try again.

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Does anyone , when will be the export service will come back up…???

Hi Boban,
When I try to download the app it’s showing error, would u please help me to solve this problem.

It should work now