APK Export Problem

There is a problem in exporting the apk, that too within this one application, all the other applications are getting downloaded but there is a problem in one project, please tell me why and how this problem is coming, I don’t know that How is it coming, I have to update my application on play store but the server was down since then it has become a download problem

Refresh the page and try exporting it again.

This is caused due network speed. Pls try again later

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I also checked the network and refreshed the page, still this problem is coming, this problem is coming in only one project, everything else is getting downloaded

What is the size of ur aia? Type of extension used?

I’ll suggest you save checkpoint and try again, have experienced something like this and this method works at times.

How should we know that if you don’t tell anything about your project. We can not read minds.

lovely_story100.aia (1.8 MB)

Please Check This Aia file

Did you make this yourself or is this a copy from someone else?

yes i made it

Too many copy paste blocks. Rename them into by putting number like image, image1, image2, like and try. Not only image but also other components

I also checked by changing the name again but still not working

I created this project in a new way but the new project I created is also giving the same problem, I have 20 applications, I downloaded all of them and seen them all are getting downloaded but I want to download this one application. I tried a lot but it’s not happening

There is a limitation on how much text you can put in for ex. label, textblock string, etc

Disabling this two build works

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OMG, what is this? This much of text in text box? @mohmmadbanva68 Why don’t you find some other way instead of using this method?

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i don’t understand where i put so much text how to manage, Thanks For solution​:+1:

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