Apk file is no working in mobile

Hi, i am trying to install APK file to my android mobile for testing but i couldn’t, there was a message showing

What is the message?

Hi, thanks for your reply,
i am trying to install my webapp apk file to my mobile which is i made with kodular but there is a error shows in my mobile i have trying 2 different mobile but same error.

Can you share the apk?

this always happens while sideloading your app…
Click onto More details, and then Install anyway
alternatively upload to Google Play and install from there

hi here it is
QBOX (2).apk (8.1 MB)

Hi, Guys I am still waiting

What happens affer doing this?


If you are trying to integrate DeepLink then don’t use that.
Otherwise check the logs and find install error code.

Your issue is onesignal on android version 12+.