APK for send command via TypeC to RS 232 adapter

Hi to all.
It posible create apk for send command via TypeC to RS 232 adapter.
If yes somebody can give me example how start.

You can use the companion to send command, just scan the QR code from your phone, and command sent.

I don’t think this is what he wants. :thinking:

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I need send commands via rs 232 adapter boud rate 9600 from Android device.
It possible?

Can you please explain your question in more detailed manner. I mean like what commands you want to send, why you want to send, etc.?

I have device that work on serial communication.
I want create aplication for controllor this device.
The application will have a several of buttons. Each button should be sent via type c-RS 232 adapter.
Attached example.

I don’t think this is possible with current components.:thinking: Someone (or maybe you) will have make an extension to support your device.

Maybe she’ll can work?

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