APK not installing on Google Android emulator x86 image

Describe your issue

Trying to install apk on x86 android emulator (Android Studio one) and installation failed with error: INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS

Steps to reproduce the issue

just try to install either using ADB or monitor file manager.

Expected Behaviour

successful installation

Actual Behaviour

Failed Installation

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Android version

6.0-9.0 x86 images

I don’t think this has anything to do with Kodular. If the app installs fine on your real mobile device, then we can confirm that the problem is in the Emulator, and not the Kodular compiler.

What is your minimum sdk of app.
Did you have installed android sdk 6.0

Are you using any extensions? If yes then remove that extensions(one by one in case you are using more than one extension) and try again and see what happens (Although before this take a backup of your project)

Apologies to all. In the rush of typing, I forgot to mention that the APK Im trying to install is the latest companion!
Again, apologies to all.