ApkBuild Stage Problem

Problem in APKBuild Stage

I am building an Android Apk that I have developed on Kodular. But if I am going to export this apk then it will give me an Error :

Build failed! Error: Your build failed due to an error in the ApkBuilder stage, not because of an error in your program.

Used Components and Screens

I Have Used 4 Screens and I am using Airtable, Timer, Notifier, Device Tools, DeepHost’s Video Player and Custom List View and Grid Views Only.


Please Help me to fix this Problem
Thanks !

When it says build failed and it stop exporting your project try not to do anyting at that time, I too faced the problem, it just say that build failed but after some time it downloads the APK or show the qr code , worked for me

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Posting the error log here will help us to solve this problem.

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Have you seen this? For me, that error occurred a few times, although I did not have any errors.

I mean for the full error log. It is not possible to fix the problem with one sentence.

In that case log will not contain errors.