Apkbuilder error after importing my own extension

I am currently building an extension to be used with my application, however I encountered an issue where apkbuilder would fail while compiling my app.

I think it might a problem with libraries being used by some other extension from what I gathered while searching for a solution

List of extensions:

Libraries used:

I might suspect it is @vknow360 CustomWebView that my extension is incompatible with since it also uses these libraries


I also have tested it with a new project and my extension managed to compile perfectly fine. Is there any way I can solve or workaround this?

Imports don’t cause conflicts, jars do, but still you can try with an old version of CustomWebView.

Hmm, I don’t have any external dependencies in the this project though.

what happens, if you import your extension into a new project, drag the extension into the working area and try to build the project?