App approval ( monetization)

I have submitted app for monetization before 2 weeks ago I didn’t got approval

Please approve my app

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The reason approvals are taking so long is because nobody is following the guidelines. We still get hundreds of requests for earning apps, descriptions that aren’t English or are just spam. The devs estimate to reject or block at least 90% of the apps. If people would just read the guidelines and submit properly they wouldn’t have to wait so long.


I read very often that an approval takes a long time. Is there not potential to accelerate rejection based on optimizations with regard to a faster and prioritized search and detection of no-gos and a simple answer “rejected due lack of …” or “rejected because earning app” and a reference to the Guidelines?

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Once I got my app approved within 4 hours coz I metioned everything finely


What is the guide lines

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My app get approved with in 24hr because I followed every guidelines :sunglasses:

Patience is the virtue of the wise

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