App approval system

Hey i am very unsatisfied with your app aproval system. You approved my very basic app but not good one. Even no earning app no violation but still looks like your team dont check the apps correctly and not give any reason for approval failure. Further, when i was testing my app i clicked on info of ad it give me a shocking result and that was that the ads of startapp not admob even i didnt applied any startapp ads Means kodular is showing its own ads even in test version thats why my ads show in test and not after approval. And kodular didnt provided any correct explanation for ads not show [lack of inventory problem] i know admob problem bla bla but then why it shows when we make it through android studio. You should give the transparency related ads bcoz people do hard work in making app then they found no ads.

Post ur app details

MY app is based on everyday tasks. You can book tickets,news,social media at one place. My previous was just a news app but that one got approved. And please read my whole question and give solution.

Make an app that complies with Kodular’s guidelines and it will be approved.

hey, i already mentioned that it has no violations.

Then the problem may be

Already checked by using vpn but no result.

Is publishing to playstore is necessary?
is your ads are working?

Necessary, when you don’t want an approval from Kodular.

If i got a approval then?[ Already got it on other app]

and please tell is your admob ads are working or not

these are my blocks. Anything wrong?

Then it’s not necessary to publish app on Google play.

Yes, it’s working.

As you mentioned above replies, your app is fetching lack of inventory problem. To know more about this click here.

they should show after vpn if they are not available in my region

Might not available throught the world too! :wink:

I flagged your post since you use all capitals. That is like shouting and we don’t shout here.

Is the tickets, news, social media permitted to use? Did you submit any proof? Secondly, is the app in English? Please be aware of these. For more, please see here:

hey you are just doing flagging, not solving the problem
i capitalise it bcoz i already mentioned in the question but the user who replied to me didnt get my question and thats why to create attention to that words…

Flagging is part of the moderator’s job.

Fyi, this community doesn’t encourage using full capitalized post as most people agree that’s like shouting. You can edit the post with normal capitalization.

Please also check my suggestions. If you think there’s no problem at all, like you are permitted to use those material, open a ticket in here:

then click open new ticket.

if we have to take permission from all the third party websites then why they approved my previous news app and tons of other applications like browsers, video players, news etc…

It really depends. Still, no one can help you here. Open a ticket for that.