App attempts to load related content

I have made a html loader app.
When user clicks on any html file my app attempt to load that it does not happens.
Something that when you click on a url a list of browsers or supported apps is show.
How can it is possible?

Share your some block and app screenshot or apk file
First of all follow this post :-

You must be using “use external browser” property in webview

I don’t understand your 1st question share some screenshot and elaborate your problem

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I want that my app shows a dialog when user click on a html file to open that file in my app.
Something like this-

So basically you want that your app name must also appear in that list to open HTML file???

Trim your screenshot not good for here…:joy:

That is not my phone. :sweat_smile:

Hahahaha lie…
Anyways let get back to topic , I will try to figure it out

No.That is true.
I have not phone.
My father prohibited that.

I found something useful but don’t know how to do that with blocks maybe be activity starter , I hope others will explain it more efficiently

Thanks for your reply.
But i can not understand something.

You need to add an intent filter to your Android.manifest.

But I don’t know how to do it wait for some time you will get a solution

Unfortunately, you can’t do that for any AI2 Distributions. This is normal, because an AI2 platform can’t understand what is your app, music player, browser etc.

You need to change manifest file manually. So, you can’t do that directly with blocks or something, for now.

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Well, this was not true, till @Deep_Host did not make this extension:

@vknow360 you have luck, because this extension can do, what you want to establish.


Thanks i got a idea.

Does it mean that this topic can be considered as solved?


Thanks everyone.

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