App auto start after closing using notifier choosen option

app is automatically starts if i close the app using option from notifier component, is there any solution for this… this problem occured when i use splash screen function on Screen1

above image is the block section of Screen1

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Can you send a test apk ?

TechScanner.apk (4.2 MB)

when you select ‘yes’ from notifier to exit the app from Screen1 the app closes and starts again… i dont know why…

What happens if you do it like this?

I have testet your apk and it works for me how it should.
I click on yes and then the apk is closed without restart.

Can you please test to this apk?

For me it works perfect.

i tested the apk completelt from different angles…
if i press back button on my phone just after opening the app, it shows the notification to exit and if i choose Yes then it works.
But if i go to the second page by clicking on the “Scan QR Code” button then press back button on my phone 2 times to exit, the auto restart problem comes out…

kindly view this video to see what is the problem -


How do you close your second screen?
Show blocks.


this is what i have in my second screen(qrcodeScreen)

and i wanted to ask you one more thing… why there is a blue question mark icon on 1st block in the image given above, when i click on that some error messages shows up -

Do It Result: package u0028define-eventu0020backBtnu0020Clicku0028u0029u0028set-this-formu0029u000au0020u0020u0020u0020u0028call-yail-primitiveu0020open-another-screenu0020u0028u002alist-for-runtimeu002au0020u0022Screen1u0022u0029u0020u0027u0028textu0029u0020u0022openu0020anotheru0020screenu0022u0029u0029, Unknown, version 0.0

and this is the aia file -

TechScanner_copy.aia (32.3 KB)

When you go back to screen 1 then you do not have to open it again.
Use in your case the close screen block.

And the blue helper icon is there that for commits.

i understand what you are saying but what if i go from “Screen1” to “qrcodeScreen” 4 to 5 times then if i press back button from “qrcodeScreen”, it redirects to the “Screen1” which is perfect but if i press back button again then it redirects to “qrcodeScreen” and this process will go on for 4 to 5 times. thats by i used the close block on “Screen1”. so if you have any other solution then kindly guide me…it will be great…

The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor

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@techcvr i am not an expert but when i face this problem after that i just put close screen it automatically goes to last screen. So except open screen1 just put block of clise screen and try and let me know if problem solved

thanks for the help man (@apnapak)… now im facing another problem…

when i press back button just after opening the app. its works perfectly, and if i go to the second screen and then i press back button, it comes to the screen one and again i press the back button to exit, it displayes an error message and a notification with end application option… kindly see the error screenshot below

As i told you before i am not an expert but i think problem is in your block section maybe with activity starter please share your block section here … or maybe some expert can explain this without seeing blocks… thanks …

@techcvr on screen one do you set when press back button then close application…
Or simply exit with notifier …





@techcvr why you do not make just when back press close screen…on screen 2

already did that… problem fixed

Ok good thats what i told you before…

Its easy . Just make little changes in your blocks