#APP BroCode : A laughter Zone

:crossed_fingers:Please Test App on Your Device​:+1:

What is the name of your app?

BroCode: A app for Memes,Shayari,jokes,Staus :v:

Describe your app:

Brocode is app for Meme collection,Jokes,status,Shayari,Motivational line Large Collection.:sunglasses:
Having a High UI/UIX :sparkles:
Post can Share directly to Messenger,whatsapp,Copy as well as can Download too.
with Signin/Loginfeature.
please download and give feedback guys on your device.


App Store/Download link:

:calling: BroCode.apk

AIA file (Optional)

Not Provided yet.!! .:heart:

Thanks @kodular and all the extention devloper who help to make this Awesome UI Application.:pray:


can you provide the list of extensions you have used on application?
BTW nice application :metal:

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Image Croper,List view,Gradient only these three extension i used.:blush:

@plang58 please use this and give feedback is it working or not​:v::blush:

Hey what should i test, your app?, or what you mean?

UI is good, but if you want to make it more user friendly then try changing the color combination of the app, for example splash screen, login and registration screen needs improvement design wise, this is just my opinion rest is upto you…

edit : dont use too many gradient effects. it makes app ugly, try to go for material flat design

is it any bug or issue is there or not so?:v:

ok thanks for Feedback next update will be there.:relaxed:

how you made the sign up screen ?
I mean the blur effect

using extention

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I think you are using gradient extension for the gradient background but which extension you are using for the blurry background

no extention there used bg i none