App build error


help please, I can compile it to see through my emulator on the computer, but I can’t download it for testing on my cell phone.

Go to project settings - see if theme is set. If not set it otherwise change it and set it again. Reload project, try to compile again. If this doesn’t work maybe it is a project within a project

Uploading: EU.aia…

I followed your instructions and got no results. could you look at my project and help me please. I started the project from scratch by myself. so there is no project on top of another.

EU.aia (679.5 KB)

Try this one EU.aia (679.5 KB)

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wow you are a genius!!!

how did you do it?

it worked out :slight_smile:

Plenty of solved topics are there…

Cause of your problem is

Theme is missing

If you set it as default theme , it will compile

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