App catching information from external app

Hello everyone, I’ve been looking for this topic around but I don’t know exactly how to look for, I don’t even know if this is possible but I have to ask anyways. I created an app through Kodular that uses the location sensor and that gets NMEA sentences using the extension KIO4_NmeaMessage created by @ juananton1991 and it works great with the built-in location sensor in the phone, everythying goes fine up to that point but then I use an external app linked through bluetooth to an external GPS antenna in order to get a more accurate location (I have to select the external app as the “Mock location app” in the developer options on the phone to get the location from the external GPS antenna) and when I start the external app and pair it with the external GPS antenna I can see that my app developed in Kodular gets the location (I am using the Google Maps component and I can visually know I am getting the location from the external GPS antenna) but it stops getting the NMEA sentences and I need them to store some values in a Tiny DB. Anybody knows if it is possible to keep getting the NMEA sentences when paired to the external GPS antenna through the external app? I hope I was clear enough. Thanks in advance.