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Your app is collecting Precise Location of user device. So you should select YES to the question asked above.

I have the same problem. I need not to know the user’s location either I have activated this funcionality to collect the precise location of users.
It has had to be activated by kodular, not me. How can I disable to collect Precise Location of user device in order not have problem with google play???

The subject of my app is Maths, and it is not neccesary to know the location. I do not understand why kodular active the precise location.

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Ok, then the precise location is because ads are shown. Ok. If I want to keep ads, I have to say google that I collect precise location data for this reason. Thank you very much.

I think that it is neccesary and useful if anybody with control in this subject will make a guide with the new data policy of Google Play in relation to Data Privacity. I am lost.

Issue resolved or not, if yes please share how to fix this issue?

please describe in details
How to submit the form, if location issue is found in apps


Hi! As per new Google Data Safety Policy, developers have to declare the data they colleting form user. For more info, please follow screenshots attached below carefully.

Also, in the second screenshot, you will find the guidence how to submit a declaration form.
Hope it helps.



Thanks for the reply.
My app doesn’t collect any personal data, but google says the following issue found in your app

Issue Details:

Policy Declaration for Play Safety Label: Location Data Type - Precise Location.

Ad networks collect Precise location for personalised ad serving and monitoring purpases. So, even if you are not using any component that uses location directly, ad networks will continue to collect the same. If you don’t want to submit the declaration form, you may want to delete ad components from your app to comply with the new rule.

But in Kodular’s case it is not happening. Ad networks are not using precise location because most of the developer do not request location permission. They are just declared. If location permission works without requesting then onesingal would also collect the same data which is not happening.
Also requesting location just for ads is against Google Rules.

Google said this in a support post on forum.

So, it’s not Kodular or a Developer, but the Precise location is collected by Google itself.

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Can they collect precise location without requesting permission?

Same Question as above.

Ok, then the precise location is because admob ads are shown. Ok. If I want to keep ads, then how to fill out the form…?


Does someone know about this? Please share screenshots, Thanks in advanced

I also use admanager if anyone know the solution how to fill the form properly please help others

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After March 2022 all developers will have to fill this form mandatorily. I will try to post a guide on my free time regarding the same.

ok thanks iam waiting

hello any responce regards this

Have you any update?
If yes, please share . Thanks

Hello any one filled this form with google admanger?

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