App crash after Eagle 1.4.0

First of all, thanks the Kodular team for providing such a good platform.
The UI of Eagle 1.4.0 is easier to use. Load faster.

However, my apps is facing crash report popping up.
Can someone share some tips on to change the error handling method or debug?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, @Peter, after open the app, open a few screen, when press back, the app just show Send Crash Report? Look like we crashed?

Haven’t seen this before the platform Eagle 1.4.0.

I have no idea how to get proper message.

The app can still function, just that the message randomly coming out.
Anyway to hide the message?


Show us a screenshot of this error message and the relevant blocks.

lets wait for the eagle 1.4.1. they said they gonna fix it