App crash on Android 10 with Airtable and TinyDB

Hello, Community.

For almost a week now. My app keep crashing on my phone(Android 10). I added Airtable(Spreadsheet) into my app to remotely modify(change) my Kodular application and I also added TinyDB to store the value so if the application isn’t connected to Internet, it still remember the last data it received from Airtable. It crashed few second after the app lunch, it didn’t say anything. it just closed the screen/app.

I don’t think it is because of my blocks nor heavy components. so I tried it on my friend’s phone(Android 8) and it work fine(No crash). I also tested it on my old phone(Android 7.2) which also working without any issue. So I believe it is because of android 10 but I am not sure.

So do you guys know how to solve this issue? I want my application to work with new version of android.

Share your block.

It may not be TINYDB.

The best choice is to troubleshoot your app yourself by using adb, see below on how to…


Adding on the @Boban’s reply…

Try that so you don’t have to keep your device plugged in the entire time!

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