App Crash, yeah it's happening

My app crashes, as soon as I open it.

Components I’m using.

  1. Facebook interstitial and banner ad
  2. Audio extractor extension from deep host
  3. Video picker
  4. Player
    5 clock
  5. Notifier
  6. Custom tabs
    8 Bottom sheet

many have this error after updating kodular 1.5.2, which opens the app and then closes again

unfortunately i have this error too. I haven’t gotten it off yet

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I hope kodular can fix the problem. am already thinking

Is the text field of Video Picker is empty ?

and also

I went through your post first before making this post.

Everything is fine, but still the app crashes.


You have two options

  1. Wait until Kodular updates
  2. Share your project (since you can’t find it yourself)

I think its internal, since I have a similar app that uses similar components and it works just fine, because it was built after the fenix rolled out. This app was built back in Feb.

yes exactly this project is older. can I create a new project and copy everything and use it as an update? is there a way to solve it?

I think this extension are crash your project remove this extension to work properly

I’ll remove this component afterwards and see if it works

Just opened your aia and checked that switch component’s text fields are empty at many places



will this bug be fixed in a codular manner, do you know something? @Boban

okay so i will first check all components and then see if it works?

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