App Crashed after using enhance

I enhanced theorem reach to my app and it works fine without firebase component. But when i added firebase component to my app then enhanced the app it always crash. Any solution for this?

Easiest solution, don’t use enhance.


Bro you can’t use the components which are present in Enhance Extension already. If you want to use Database then use it from the enhance extension indeed or use the database Rest API.

I didn’t see the firebase component in enhance extension.

Thank you

I’m not an advance or pro coder so to me enhance is the easiest way for me to implement it in my app.

But why you need enhance.
Any reason???

Best solution: Do not use enhance,
Good solution: as enhance as they know their system better

try to disable “Persist” option in firebase component properties … may it help.

I did ask them and they said they will let their engineers know about the issue. Instead of just waiting for the issue to resolve, maybe I could find a solution with the help of kodular community :blush:

I will try it and let you know if it works

Edit: The app still crashed

I removed firebase and now i use airtable but the problem still exist. Only theorem not working in kodular but others offerwall works. The bugs come from kodular because i have tried in thunkable and it’s working.