App crashes after adding Admob component

when I create any application. that can create easily but when I put admob ads in my apps then my application is going to crass. I try this with more projects same bug I feel … Please Solve this problem makeroid team…

Can you show blocks… So that we can find it out why your app crashes… ( Sorry in your way “crass” :rofl:).

And it’s KODULAR… :partying_face:

Yes I can show you but all applications are facing this problem.

after kodular new update I feel this problem because I created some apps in january then I didn’t get any error and lags but after new update I getting lags in apps after put [Admob Ads]

I am also the same problem but app crashing with every ads company offered by kodular

I have renamed the topic for better SEO. please recheck your spellings before making your topic as public!