App crashes after new update

Hello everyone
I tried to edit my project today exported apk file it’s was ok and it was running fine on companion
But when I open it on my device it stop working
Any idea how to fix it?
I tried switching to android 5.0 it didn’t work
I really need help it’s big project :sob:

I don’t why kodular every update force us to find ways to fix at least help us provide fix
You can say hello please add this or remove this it’s cause of crashing app in new update
Please i need help guy’s it’s my main project been working on it for almost a year

I don’t have any of these extensions…

Don’t understand what is this

I would like to request an admin to help me out please

After a look i found it’s firebase auth extension problem
Is there replacement for it?

Try this -

Why not use Firebase Authentication component of kodular ?

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Boa tarde, meu apk com “mysql database extension” depois do update do kodular não funciona mais, será que estão verificando uma correção? alguém conseguiu resolver? Grato!

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Good afternoon, my apk with “mysql database extension” after the kodular update doesn’t work anymore, are you checking for a fix? did anyone manage to solve it? Grateful!

Welcome to community. Official language is English so please follow community rules. You should contact the developer to provide a fix otherwise check