App crashes at startup - need help

Thank you, @Boban’s solution worked!

Also thanks to @Shreyash abd @anuragtekam0: I’ll remember your useful tipps in my next app.

I just have one more problem:
The text is too long to be viewed on a phone and I want the button to be visible at any time. So I need scrolling enabled just for the area you can see the text in. I know this feature from Thunkable and it is the only thing I can not find in Kodular so far. Apart from that Kodular of course is best :slight_smile: Did I miss an option or isn’t it possible?


Check now :point_down: Removed the Horizontal Scroll Arrnagement in which the label was placed previously (No need of Scrolling as now, the whole text is visible along with the button).

ZeilenZauber_1.aia (369.8 KB)

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But perhaps not on smaller devices or devices set to a bigger font size in settings for accessability reasons by people who are partially sighted as example.

I tried to put that label in Vertival scroll arrangement but don’t know why that looked wierd. I will try again and let you know :slight_smile:

Yes, I noticed yestderday Modular handels it that way. I was used to another way because I switched from Thunkable so I did not look for an own block. It works.

:grin: Yes Kodular is Modular but Modular is not Kodular.

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Still used to Makeroid :joy:

Sorry I didn’t understood. Is it working for you now or should I try again as said earlier?

Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

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