App crashes at startup - need help

Good afternoon,

I just finished an application and unfortunately, it crashes at startup (pop up by android system sais “ZeilenZauber has stopped”).

Can anyone please take a look into the project (as *.aia file attached) and tell me what to change in order to make it working?

ZeilenZauber.aia (369.8 KB)

Thank you all very much in advance for helping me!

Just post your blocks and tell about your assets that you use and extensions. Few people will download and import your project to test it for you.

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you’re most welcome

Okay, so this is Screen1:

Just noticed that it shows a warning here, don’t know why

And this is Screen called “Home”


Here a list of my assets, i think sometimes the names can be problematic:

I hope I did not forget something important. If so, please tell me!

What are the settings of you lottie component?

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That red cross is not just a warning, it’s a serious error. Your app is not going to work without solving that error. So along with what @Peter said, also try to remove that error and try again.
(Try to click on that red mark to know the reason of the error)


Thanks for the hints!

I just fixed the sizing issue (will it be fixed in future?) and checked the red cross. It shows up this:
What does this mean? How to fix?

[EDIT: Just deleted all components on that screen and rebuilt it, the error now is gone. I’m going to check it with the apk now again.]

[EDIT: Now it asked for permission, I granted, it showed up a blanc screen for a couple of seconds and crashed again.]

[EDIT: Set background image did not show up in preview in Kodular, so I readded. Now I see Screen1 until clock ends and then it crashes.]

What about checking the Lottie component as indicated by @Peter in the reply above?

Did it, did not solve the crash on screen “Home”.

your aia not crash …full work my computer… your network problem

But on my phone it doesn’t. And this red cross network error is fixed.

It does nomore appear for me to, this error sign

browser cookies clean and sign in

Try this method to switch between screens, maybe it can help.

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You must keep you component id simple bro

This happens if connection is lost or companion crash, detach and attach the block solves the issue

Saw this from your aia, you had this for several image files, re-selecting the right file again worked.

This was the reason for the crash, spotlight component pointed to Component SideMenu shall it do that, removed and it works, since I’m unfamiliar with this component I added a bad workaround to it, @KodularCreator how to use Spotlight component to point at hamburger menu button.

Since we can’t for now control the size of lottie component I added a arrangement to do that instead on Home screen.

ZeilenZauber_1.aia (369.8 KB)

edit, forgot to mention that your icon image is too big for the purpose and may cause issues on some devices.


Unfortunately, you can’t. The spotlight can only be shown on visible components.

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Thanks but as I said all errors on “screen 1” are fixed, it works properly. The problem begins from screen “Home’” on. @BD_Developer

Thank you for all these tips, I’ll try them soon and tell you if it worked or not. @Boban @anuragtekam0 @Shreyash

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Try the attached file in my last post, works as build apk.