App crashes on Android 8.0 (OneSignal "onReceive")

I updated my app on PlayStore :google_play: and found that my app crashes only for Android 8.0 users.

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: 
at com.onesignal.UpgradeReceiver.onReceive (

Logically, the same thing happens as here:

Did I do something wrong?
Or is it a bug?

I’ll still see if there will be several same error messages


It’s a bug, I got the complete log :+1:
We are looking into it


Is the bug fixed?

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I’m waiting. The most users of my app have android 8.0, including me. :frowning:

The bug is hard to fix, because if we upgrade OneSignal library to latest version, a new error appears which forces app to close just on start, so apps become unusable
To fix this, we need to update our GMS libraries, and a lot of changes are required, so we will need some time to fix this


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