App Crashes when file added in webview

Please help me how to prevent app from crashing when i go to facebook and click on upload image and redirected to my gallery but when i choose image app crashes.

My app size 6MB
Aia file size 770 kb

Only 2 screen added one with 867 blocks and another with 1367 blocks with 8 webview components.

I also added close before screen block to prevent app from crashing but it was not working.

I have tried to add files in webviewer with 1767 blocks in another app it is not crashing i don’t know why this app is crashing.

Please solve this problem
Thank you for reading

The WebViewer is not a full browser. So, it cannot support all functionality like a normal browser.

I have made same type of app with 1767 blocks in which the process is working but in my new app it was not working

Can you show your blocks then?

Yes thank you for helping me