App crashes when Got text from web component

hello dear community. i am maken navigation app and use LocationIQ api for reverse geocoding. on my first device (xiaomi mi8 lite) it works without any probem, but on second device (samsung j3) it crashes when got text block of web component run

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Give us more information like Android version, crash logs, are permissions granted or not, etc.

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android version 5.1.1
permission grantes
don know to get log files

You can install a logcat app from the Play Store and then send the logs to us

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logcat need root(( is there any other unroot option?

Some Logcat apps don’t need root, just give the required permission by using ADB. Just follow the steps in app, you will find how to do it.

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i got logs. Please help me


Are you sending sms with this app?

yes. but with sms api by web component. app was working properly. i think problem is not about related to this. only implemented the reverse geocoding with api problems started

Well your errors appear to be SMS related, which is why I asked.

You may want to check the API settings you have.

it works on my other device properly… i think it is related os version or ram. may be? can someone understand logs?

Well it is hard to tell from just those logs there.

This is the error that interests me.


If it is working on one device and not another, os version could be something. Example . I had a bug one on version and not another, and it was because I was handling a string poorly. The newer system was able to get around it, the older one did not.

All i can say is try to create the simplest version of the feature causing the problem and test it on a few devices, That allows you to eliminate problems.

and additional :

i live test with that device which error occured it works without any problem during live test. but when i buld app and install then errors start