App Crashes When Restart My Phone

I Created A Project With Just One Lable , One Vertical Arrangement, One Banner Ad and Push Notification…When I Export The App Its Work Fine But When I Restart My App… It Show This Error

my Block Is

my app design

My App Ad Design

Please Tell Me What Is The Problem In This App…???

what are you really thinking about this app? like what is this app doing? and then check screen properties, maybe you mis configured anything in screen1 properties.

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Please use English language.

Show your package name.

i can not change my package name it is By default empty in screen1 properties

How many screens have u used? In your app

i used only one screen

i used to component like banner ad and pushnotification… when i remove one of them then app works fine…no chrash after restrating my phone…

What you remove banner ads ya push notifications ?

I thibk problems in banner ads because my app working fine after updated with banner ads crashes
Founded in my application.

i face same problem.

i remove pushnotification and its work fine…
and i also remove banner ad and put push notification and its work fine after restarting no crash…

Remove only banner ads and check i think than also work fine

yes it working…but i need both ads and pushnotification in my app…

remove onesignal and its work fine…no need to remove banner ad…butt i says that why these to component are not working together…when i remove one of them then it works…

I Upload Apps On Play Store 6 month ago and
I Have Many Active Users In on this App. I use onesignal pushnotification to engage them…but i can’t update my app because of these crashes…

Have you checked in other device? this might be your device problem. Check in other devices.

Yes I Upated my app on playstore and the crashes increased in play console…so i removed the onesignal from my app and now its work fine and crashes decrease in play console

Is There Any Solution About This Problem…???

How about providing logcat of your app crashes

These Crashes Shows In Google Play Console…