App Crashing - Doesn't Open

Hey Koders,

After Resolving my last problem of Compiling Error, Now I m Facing a Crash Error With My App. The App is Not Opening.

When the Splash Screen Open and Then Redirect to Home Screen, it crashes, whereas before it was working fine.

Here my Crash Reports :

App Is running fine in The Companion But After Exporting It, The App Crashes.
@Diego, Can u read the Crash Summary and Guide me what to Do, to resolve the problem

You are a ProKoder, you are already know you must/should not mentition the staff.

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Can u help me with the Problem :question:

Can you show your blocks!

i would suggest you to restore the most recent aia backup of your app, when the problem was not there, and compare what is going wrong by checking the addition you have made in the app

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Sorry! but it’s fixed now. The Crash was Caused By a The Use of Direct webview Load HTML component


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