App crashing in real device

hi i have a problem in that when i test the app via the companion its working as its intended too but once i build the app and test it on the device it crashes. please could anyone advise me on this or if they had the same problem

you need to provide more info about the error or crash and always post in the right category

do read this:

thank you for replying the only error its given is send report or always send report its giving on other warnings which is strange

screenshot or a gif? also explain what is your app about?

i do that thank you its strange completely blown me as to why but i get that done

hi i tried the app via appybuilder offline and its working perfectly. very strange kodular is working with the companion but once built it fails. hope this helps i am perpare to sent the aia file for you to test as well so you can see what is happening

its will not go past screen 1 and the app crashes then on restart i get the sent report message

Your image is not that clear

Btw are you migrating from appybuilder, if so there might be some component compatibility issue


thank you for replying yes the app was built on appybulder using zip and file extensions the idea is its using 4 zip files which is ten unzipped and folders created on the internal storage the file system then chooses at random which becomes the player source once the clock as fired. screen one which i have shown is the file unzip and file creation . on screen initialise i having check these files are installed first which if so will start the app on screen 2. but when the companion app for kodular is tested it works fine. once i build the apk it then crashes with send report or always send report. if i then press the button to open screen 2 the app completely shuts down. now if built with appybuilder it works completely fine. but am wondering if the check the file is installed path is different on kodular

now i removed the check the files are installed blocks and the app runs perfectly on kodular this is where i think the issue is. so it maybe the case the file extension is not compatible. but i’m playing around with the kodilar file component.

The File extension is definitely compatible, so show your relevant blocks (in a readable resolution).

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thank you that will be great very much appreciated